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Tucson Rolling Shutters -

Roll-A-Shield aluminum rolling shutters are installed on the outside of your home or business, and are operated manually or electrically from the inside. They roll up out of sight when not in use, locking automatically when completely closed. The rolling mechanical shutters consist of metal slats hinged together, which roll up and down inside tracks or guide rails. When open, the slats disappear into a box above your window or door. Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters are an ideal solution for keeping the view, controlling the sun, conserving energy, providing security and privacy, and giving you added peace of mind.

Security and Privacy

Part of any complete security system should include Roll-A-Shield rolling shutters. When the shield is closed, locks automatically engage making the shutter almost impenetrable. Many law enforcement representatives say these shutters are the maximum deterrent against unwanted guests. The typical burglar, seeing a home protected by Roll-A-Shield, knows this means hassle, delay, and noise, so he looks around for another target.

Sun Control

In the closed position, Roll-A-Shield will keep out almost all of the sun and heat, totally transforming a home, especially in our hot summers. Customers tell us it changes a room or a whole house "like magic." And the energy savings can be substantial! Independent engineering tests have proven that Roll-A-Shield can reduce energy usage by well over 50% with the shutters in the closed position all day. Many of our customers report real-life savings of 25-30%.

Reduce Dust and Noise

You will be pleasantly surprised when after an extended trip, you'll return to find no dust on your window sills. Many winter residents marvel at this unexpected "bonus" after installing these unique shutters. Our rolling shutters can also darken your computer and home theater rooms helping to create the perfect entertainment or work environment. Our shutters even help reduce outside noise, limiting the sound of traffic and other distractions.

Other Considerations

Because of the year-round sunshine in Tucson, Solar Shades are absolutely essential for protecting your home during every month of the year! Therefore, the abundance of Solar Screens in Tucson shows that homeowners are taking steps to provide additional indoor comfort and sun protection!

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